Yoga Classes

Retorative Flow Yoga Class 

A unique session of gentle stretching, guided meditation and aromatherapy pampering. This therapeutic class is for anyone wanting to deeply relax and alleviate anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, hormonal & digestive imbalances.
Perfect for those new to yoga or who hold a current yoga practice but wish to explore the benefits of a more gentle and mediative yoga practice.

Where: Coledale Community Hall  
When: Thursday 6:30pm 
What: $17 


Allow yourself to restore, rest, heal, balance and create positive personal change.

Release tensions of the mind and body. Each class explores the benefits of aromatherapy and essensial oils. During the class students are pampered with beautiful organic sprays, balms and potions.

Health Benefits

The Restorative Flow Yoga class is designed to allow you rest and relax deeply, release stress, find your own stillness and calm, increase your resilience and improve your interpersonal relationships. Physically, yoga stretches and tones the muscles, joints, glands and internal organs. Yoga leads to a blissful experience, where the body is able to totally let go and the mind becomes calm and clear.

In order to self heal, the body needs to completly relax. We must learn to rest and digest, in order for the body to regain harmony and balance.

About The Teacher

Rita Balshaw is the best selling author of the Hippies in the City books. She holds a Diploma of Holistic Meditation and has undertaken Certified teacher trainings in both Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.