Wellness Consultation

Are you interested in living a more holistic & healthy life? Are you looking to address specific health issues or simply need a push in the right direction? I would be honored to work with you. I understand that you want to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. 

What happens in a Coaching Session?

A Wellness Consultation is a one-on-one personal experience, that focuses completly on YOU! Exploring your specific health issues, personal goals and emotional imbalances. Each client recieves a Wellness Package that includes:

  • x1 Copy of the Hippies in the City Book 
  • A Custom blended Aromatherapy Potion specific to your current health condition/s
  • A detailed Wellness Program to follow, in between sessions 

Upon enquiry you will be given a detailed form to complete, and then in consultation, we will discuss your current health history and work to co-create a healing protocol for a return to wellness.

This first consultations can be done in Face to Face or over Skype and typically last between 1-5 hours. Each session is $65.00 

Following the consultation, I will send you a Wellness Program with my suggested natural therapy protocol— this may include a dietary program, herbal teas to drink, aromatherpy advice, skincare ritual, yoga poses, flower essences— as well as any additional diet or lifestyle recommendations. 

Rita Balshaw is a Sydney & South Coast, NSW based practitioner. Distance consultations are offered via Phone or Skype... 

Contact:   rita@hippiesinthecity.com   or   0432 – 155 – 930