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“Through a Holistic way of eating and living, we gain clarity in achieving our life’s purpose”.

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Our unique, fun, comprehensive cooking classes and workshops teach you how to create delicious and healthy meals without the use of diary, wheat, refined sugar or processed food, only using 100% wholefoods and organic ingredients.

The central inspiration of our classes is wholefoods, food that is in its natural state, however Macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, Raw, Vegetarian, Vegan philosophy’s are also explored. Our students will also learn about the health and flavor advantages of cooking with 100% essential oils.

Our classes include education about the nutritional importance and energetics of food and integrate this knowledge into hands-on cooking in partnership with nutrition and dietary requirements. You will learn about the value of conscious eating, how food is truly a preventative and healing medicine, used as a vital remedy to many health problems.

With the growing awareness of the effect that food has on health and wellbeing, there is a great demand for culinary professionals and enthusiasts who would like to learn how to prepare food that is not only beautiful and delicious, but health-supportive, as well.

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