Benefits of Seeking a Wellness Coach

If you have decided to make a lifestyle change that goes beyond just getting more exercise, then you need to plan how you are going to get there. It is not enough to push yourself harder or read a couple of self-help books. Depending on your situation and depending on what you would like to accomplish, you may want to consider a wellness coach. A wellness coach will take you beyond just fitness, he or she will take a more holistic approach covering mind, emotional, and, yes, in some cases, spiritual. To hire a wellness coach is to ensure that you have a proper program and that you can reach your goals. Just as even the most talented athletes hire coaches, a wellness coach can ensure that you stick to your plan to change your life.

Why a Wellness Coach?

Why would you choose to hire a wellness coach? There are a few reasons, all based on changes that you may feel are necessary. If you feel that you have elevated levels of stress in your life, a wellness coach can help you manage that stress. Maybe there are bad habits that you know that you must beat. Perhaps you feel that there are parts of your life that are holding you back from where you want to go. Perhaps you are headed to a new stage of your life and you want to get there in the best form possible. All of these are viable reasons to hire a wellness coach.

Hiring a Coach…

Since you are making a commitment to change your life, it is important to do it right. You may want to focus on a coach with a certification from a reputable organisation, specifically the International Coach Federation (“ICF”); however, the wellness coaching field is not in the mature stage where no such accreditations would be a prerequisite to becoming a coach. The alternatives are to get a coach with strong referrals or to interview several coaches (or both). Look for a coach that will fit your needs and goals.

Remember that you are hiring a coach, not a therapist. A therapist, physician, or similar health professional job is to diagnose the issue and suggest or administer a treatment. A coach, on the other hand, is responsible for designing the program that gets you from where you are now to the goals which you set for yourself. Since this should be a life-changing decision, you need to pick a coach that who will build a relationship with you. They must understand what it takes to change your life, like any coach would. The commitment is going to be anywhere from six months to a year or more, so it better be someone that you feel comfortable with.

With the internet and the all the literature available, you may think that having a wellness coach is an unnecessary expense. However, since you have already recognised the importance of your health and well-being, have you not also realised the importance of doing it correctly? You should get the most out of the changes that you are making in your life. You are putting in the time, so a reasonable expense to get the most out of the time is money well spent.

What to Expect From a Coach

A wellness coach is generally as an individual who focuses on the whole person when making life changes. While a nutritionist is focused on eating habits, a fitness coach on exercise, and a counsellor may focus on emotional needs, a wellness coach will focus on these and more. A proper coach will focus on the holistic wellness approach that changes your life by changing those things that prevent one from getting to his or her full potential. This could be caused by bad habits, a life situation (such as a stressful job), or by a bad perspective or attitude that can be modified. As part of these changes, a wellness coach should be able to get you to focus on your possibilities within.

You can even get a more specialised coach. Maybe you think something is missing from your life. There are life coaches who can take you on a spiritual journey that improves your mind as well your body. Others focus on bringing emotional stability. Still, others will help with career changes, either moving forward in the same field or changing fields altogether.

How much will the coach cost. Plan on spending at least $150 per month. This is not a lot to ask for someone who is going to change your life. So plan what you want to accomplish with the coach, find a coach who fulfils your needs and bring wellness to your life!

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