A Day on a Plate With…

A Day on a Plate with…

The Nesting Place – Founder

Some women are just born healers, they are dedicated to serving others and contribute with absolute compassion and authenticity. One of these woman is Briony Goodsell.

This awesome lady, that I am blessed to know, is a Pre & Postnatal Specialist, and is the founder of http://www.thenestingplace.com.au . After having her own challenging experiences after birth, Briony understands the importance of caring for women – physically, emotionally and mentally. Ayurvedic Postpartum therapies is an area she connects with deeply. 


Whats you’re morning ritual and culinary favourites? I usually alternate my mornings between getting up before the sun to go for a run along the beach, or some yoga/meditation practice, with waking slightly later to get straight up and into the morning school preparation…although it’s never much later, as we live amongst the trees in the escarpment and are awoken by many beautiful but LOUD cockatoos at sunrise each morning. I like to eat in line with the Ayurvedic guidelines for both my constitution and the season, which generally means something warm, nourishing, sweet, spicy and easy to digest. My favourite way to start the day would be a bowl of warming porridge, topped with a chai spice blend (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and black pepper), some pure maple syrup or jaggery and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

Morning tea?

Is usually a soy latte on the go, or if I’m working from home, a cup of herbal tea and maybe a piece of fruit or a bliss ball.


Are you a big day-time eater or? I love nothing more than having a delicious, warm lunch. My favourite would be my pumpkin and spinach dahl served with brown basmati rice.

Snacker? Afternoon Treats?

An afternoon snack for me would usually be another cup of herbal tea and maybe a bit of raw organic chocolate or some dark chocolate. Otherwise it might be some brown rice crackers, veggie sticks, olives and hummus with the kids after school. I love food and am definitely a snacker unless I’m on the go and haven’t got time.

Dinner… and, are your mellow night-timer or a party gal?

Dinner is usually something similar to lunch, usually a cooked vegetarian dish but occasionally fish. I love wholefoods and being a Vatta dominant dosha type, cooked and warm foods work best for me. A dahl, yellow curry or lentil Bolognese are some of my favourites. I’m a real sucker for baked veggies too, especially sweet potato and pumpkin. I am sooooo a mellow night-timer, especially when the cooler months arrive. I find myself feeling ready for bed at about 8pm when daylight savings ends! If I’m not teaching an evening prenatal yoga class, then my ideal night includes a delicious homemade meal with my family and then time relaxing together – although with 2 of my children being young boys it’s not always so calm. I try to keep the lights low of an evening so usually we are surrounded by lots of candlelight and some relaxing essential oils in the diffuser.

Dessert… Go-on tell us about your sweet tooth?

I totally have a sweet tooth! When I was young I would indulge it in sugary sweets, but now I’m older and a little wiser I will have some raw or dark chocolate, a bliss ball or sometimes a raw treat (think caramel or peppermint slice). A cup of licorice tea is also a yummy way to curb any sugar cravings.

About Rita

Rita Balshaw, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, savvy ambassador of natural therapies, gives her readers and fans the inspiration and confidence to transform mind, body and spirit and embrace a holistic approach to living. Rita grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales and currently lives in Bondi, NSW Rita presents her expertise in holistic nutrition and the psychology of eating in a fresh and innovative way. Her humorous, engaging, and informative speaking style have made her a popular and well- loved presenter and her non-dogmatic approach to nutrition appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for positive, inspiring, and innovative messages about food and lifestyle.
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