The Diet Plan Overwhelm! Should it be that Complicated?

I’m not a huge fan of following any diet too closely. I believe that life and nutrition is not so cut and dry, and a good eating plan should be one that you can sustain forever. There are way too many conflicting approaches to diet that all take a different angle, from lifestyle, blood type and body type to religion, tradition and genetics.

The only diet plans I will ever bow down to, are those that are the oldest and most influential, including the Ayurvedic, Taoism, Tibetan and Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to diet. My advice is to take a little of everything and listen carefully to your body and what it responds to. You can always count on presenting symptoms to tell you what is right for you. The physical signs your body likes the food you are eating are more energy, better sleep, a lighter feeling, clear skin, bright eyes and no physical pain. Emotional signs are happiness, clarity, relaxation, mental alertness and contentment.

Some people feel incredibly inspired about strictly following a diet that makes them feel good. That’s cool and if you truly feel complete then your entire body must want to eat that way. The only way of eating I am consistently strict with is eating a 100 per cent unprocessed and natural diet of fresh whole-foods. I kind of roll in and out of different health plans, depending on what I feel like – some weeks I don’t eat meat, some weeks I do. For a few months I only eat organic and wildcrafted foods, sometimes I try to save cash and don’t. Other times I’m Asian influenced and cook fresh sh and rice for breakfast; at times my diet follows the Mediterranean way so much that I have olive oil seeping out of my pores.

I will quickly wrap things up by saying, enjoy exploring the path to good health, don’t be afraid to mix it up and try new things. Always keep in mind your trusty intuition and precious body knows best; just listen and feel.

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Pineapple Punch!

Pineapple Punch 

Is it just me, or is pineapple quite possibly the best fruit to have blessed the earth? Pineapple helps to improve digestion by breaking down proteins in the digestive tract and is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. This special drink is formulated to effectively boost the metabolism, due to the enzymatic actions of the selected fruits.

1 cup fresh pineapple juice 

1 cup coconut water

2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice 

1 cup crushed ice 

Simply combine all ingredients to a large glass bottle and shake to combine. Have a little shot of the pineapple punch before and after meals to boost metabolism. Will keep refrigerated for 2 days. 

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Book a Wellness Consultation with Author, Rita Balshaw

Are you interested in living a more holistic & healthy life? Are you looking to address specific health issues or simply need a push in the right direction? I would love to work with you. I understand that you want to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

What is a Wellness Consultation?

A Wellness Consultation is a one-on-one personal experience, that focuses completely on YOU! Exploring your specific health issues, personal goals and emotional imbalances. Each client receives a Wellness Package that includes:

  • x1 Copy of the Hippies in the City Book
  • Herbal Tonic & Ritual Foot Bath on Arrival
  • A Custom blended take home Aromatherapy Potion specific to your current health condition/s
  • A detailed Wellness Program to follow, in between sessions
  • Upon enquiry you will be given a detailed form to complete, and then in consultation, we will discuss your current health history and work to co-create a healing protocol for a return to wellness.

Following the consultation, I will send you a Wellness Program with my suggested natural therapy protocol— this may include a dietary program, herbal teas to drink, aromatherapy advice, skincare ritual, yoga poses, flower essences— as well as any additional diet or lifestyle recommendations.

Rita Balshaw is a Sydney & South Coast, NSW based Practitioner. You can come and see Rita at her Clinic at or Contact Ph: (02) 4267 2217 to make an Appointment

Distance Consultations are offered via Phone or Skype…

– Contact Rita – or 0432 – 155 – 930

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The Nature Connection

Artist, Yogi and Nature Enthusiast Sally Mustang, strives to openly contribute to the world. She leads by example, by living a life a positivity, spontaneity and creativity. Sally is blessed to understand the rhythms of nature and finds her peace in the perfect stillness of what is 

Here she shares with Hippies in the City, 5 Practical Ways to Connect with Nature...

Thank you Sal xxx

Spend time with Nature
Play outside!
Like a  child, let your inner child shine through, skim rocks, drive into the sea, roll down a hill. Plan activities outside – meals, exercise, sex, socialising, work even.

Get out and see the Stars!
Go outside after dark, connect with the world around you at night. The cosmos, the big universe, it will get you connected to a greater picture. Take an evening walk with your dog, or a beach walk on a Full Moon. If you do this often you will be guaranteed to see shooting stars!

Pay attention 
It’s really the simplest exercise but it opens you up to endless happiness.
Pay attention…Be Mindful
The sound of the birds in the morning, the flower facing the sunlight. The change of weather and seasons. Look at nature adapting changing. Notice the tiny things. The colour of the petals on flowers, Then bees visiting them daily. The lizard visiting a rock in the sun. The sunset littering the sky with golden light. The small miracles in nature are happening every where every day. The reward of paying attention to these things is healing, connecting us to the world around us. We become part of the grand creation.

The Harvest
Grow your own herbs, veggies, fruits. If you have the land begin planting trees, or even make a veggie patch and watch it grow. Enjoy the rewards of cooking and looking after your own food. If you have a tiny flat or apartment, grab some pots, plant your favourite herbs, a tomato vine and enjoy adding them to every dish. There is something so beautiful about eating your own food. You instantly feel apart of nature your feel the exchange of giving and taking from the earth. You begin to under stand that this earth has provided us with everything we possibly need. You begin to ask questions. What is it everyone is actually working towards ? If there is fruit on the trees and greens in the gardens what are we actually working towards? You then make more conscious decisions about your career and consumer purchases.

Go somewhere Different
Get in the car. Drive somewhere you have never been before – a river, a beach, a mountain or a forest. go for a walk around. You will be surprised how inspired and recharged you will feel when you return.

Watch the Sunrise
This is my favourite time of day. The world is kind. Untouched. Un disturbed. Drink it in. Watch the light wake up the entire world. The early morning is indeed a time for insight and gratitude.

Check Out Her Inspirational Instagram @sallymustang

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Sweet Surrender – DIY Natural Perfume

D.I.Y Roll-On Perfume

It is so very empowering to learn about the healing properties of plant botanicals, and then go forth to create a powerful synergy of essential oils that can then become a scent that is energetically signature to you. 

Here follows my perfume recipe that I would like to share. It captures the sweetness and warmth that I feel about my life. The combination of sweet and spicy essential oils evokes feelings of complete contentment allowing me to blissfully surrender to the sweet flow of existence. Feel free to adjust this perfume blend as you please, using our essential oils.

Making your own natural perfume is intimate and personal. It can be quite the journey from inspiration to creation.

10mL roll on perfume bottle

10mL jojoba oil

3 drops lemon essential oil

3 drops sandalwood essential oil

2 drops jasmine essential oil

1 drop cardamon essential oil

Add the jojoba oil to the perfume bottle, followed by all the essential oils. Ensure the lid is firmly secure. Roll across the upper chest, wrists and back of the neck as often as desired. This perfume will keep for up to three years.

It is important not to exceed 10 drops of essential oils per 10mL of jojoba oil.

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